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Totally Special! Hand Autographed!

Our first CD featuring "The Captain Of Her Heart" ft. Judie Tzuke


Studio One
Because She Said So
The Captain Of Her Heart (feat. Judie Tzuke)
Riding The Berks
Baal Hasulam
Harry Knuckles
Portrait Of Katie
Out Of Tahini
Shades Of Memories
Heat 2007
Ode To Jerry
Doin' The Worm
The Captain Of Her Heart (Inst)


"Play" was PGS's first album back in 2008. The band's original lineup was spread out geographically so playing live became a real problem. But the album was a labor of love. It was produced by Frank Filipetti and contained the hit single, "The Captain Of Her Heart" featuring Judie Tzuke on vocals!
Incidentally, soon after recording this album the band was approached to be in an episode of "Lipstick Jungle", the then hit NBC show starring Brooke Shields and Kim Raver. The scene we were in was set in a nightclub where PGS was performing. The premise was that Brooke Shield's TV husband was formerly with the band, and Robert called him up onstage to perform with us, which gave Brooke Shields a thrill. Robert's only line was "Shane Healey, get your tired ass up on stage!", which he managed to flub a dozen times before he finally got it right. But it made the cut along with 5 PGS songs and the residuals keep coming in!
"The grooves produced by Project Grand Slam are grand and reign supreme!”
“Play will give you terminal joy from start to finish!”