Made In New York (CD)

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Incredible CD featuring "Fire" and "New York City Groove"!

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New York City Groove (Feat. Kat Robichaud)
The Winner
Around The Horn
The Gift (Juliet's Song)
Fire (Feat. Kat Robichaud)
Boston Common
Because She Said So (Live)
Cakewalk For Debra (Live)
New York City Groove (Inst)

When Robert re-formed PGS in 2015 he wanted to get back in the studio quickly with the new band. He needed material. So one day he happened to listen to a cassette tape (remember them?) that he made 20 years ago with The Robert Miller Group. On it was a rehearsal version of a song that Robert had written and then forgotten about. In 10 minutes time this became "New York City Groove", a smash hit.

This album also features Robert's "reimagining" of Jimi Hendrix's "Fire". The Official Video was apparently too hot for either Facebook or YouTube, but you can see it here! 

BTW both of the videos feature the wonderful Kat Robichaud from The Voice.
"Very hot in every way!”
"Fire 'is a spectacular single with a sleek, modern sound!'