Greetings From Serbia (Digital)
Greetings From Serbia (Digital)

Greetings From Serbia (Digital)

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In 2018 we headlined at 7 major music festivals including our first two in Europe in Norway and Serbia. "Greetings From Serbia" captures our "live" set at the Nisville Jazz Festival in Nis, Serbia. 10,000+ screaming, crazy fans!

At the end of our set Ziarra asked the crowd if she could take a selfie with them. They screamed back YES and that selfie became the back cover of the album!

"Greetings From Serbia" truly captures the band at the top of our game! Don't believe us? Just check out the Highlight Video of our performance!

The album was released in January 2019 and quickly became a huge success!


Here are just a few of the reviews:

“A massive achievement.”; “This is music that celebrates life, creativity, and community.”; “An amazingly magnetizing piece of music.”; “Project Grand Slam is life affirming and celebratory.”; “Stimulates your soul.”; “Solidifies PGS as perhaps the most endearing and evocative band in all of contemporary fusion.”

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Track Listing:

1. You Started Something

2. 1972

3. I'm So Glad

4. Lament

5. No No No

6. Free

7. Gorilla

8. I Can't Explain

9. The Queen's Carnival

10. Fire