Prisoners Of Love (Digital)

Prisoners Of Love (Digital)

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"Prisoners Of Love" (1996) was the second album by The Robert Miller Group on 32 Records, a celebrated record label that Robert co-founded. The name of the album came from a Mel Brooks movie. 

The album features 10 songs written by Robert, which were really his first major foray into songwriting. Some of them, like "Cannonball", endure widely to this day. Check it out.

Review: "Extremely hip, tight yet edgy"

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Track Listing

  1. Sami's Strut

  2. Euphoria

  3. Cannonball

  4. Heat

  5. Return Voyage

  6. Stx

  7. Stinger

  8. (It Happened On) Carrol St.

  9. Five To Six

  10. Viva Cachimba!