Get Out! (Digital Single)

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Single from PGS 7


What the hell is wrong with you?
How could you be this bad?
We need for you to get out of here
We think you must be mad
We cannot stand the things you do
Or the things you say
We need for you to leave right now
Will you leave today?

Get Out!

Take all your family
And all your grifters too
And all the cronies and the crooks
Who live inside your zoo
Put them all together and
Get them on the move
Take them out and make it fast
Before we lose it too

Get Out!

You’ve ruined everything you’ve touched
You’re messing with our heads
We’re reeling from your crazy acts
We’re feeling half past dead

We really need your reign to end
It cannot end too soon
So slink away into the night
And let us change the tune

Get Out!