PGS 7 (CD)

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"PGS 7" Called "Album Of The Year"!

Featuring 13 new songs!

"PGS 7" is perhaps our best album yet! From the hard rock of "Yeah Yeah" and "Get Out" to the Latin-oriented "Take Me" and "Funk Latino", to the jazz-rock of "Python" and "No One's Fool", to the punk rock flavored "I Don't Know Why", to the ballads "With You" and "Tree Of Life", to our reimagined version of "The 'In' Crowd", this album has it all!

The critics agree, calling PGS 7 “Magnificent!”; “Stunning!”; “Thrilling!”; “I’m blown away by this album!”; “A Must-Listen!”; “One of the best albums of 2019!”; “A symphony of soul from one track to the next!”; “PGS’s most poignant statement ever!”; “A soulful songbook for the ages!”; “A melting pot of melodies!”; “The grooves are big, bold with a flamboyantly bright color!”.


1. Yeah Yeah
2. Redemption Road
3. Take Me
4. At Midnight
5. Python
6. Get Out!
7. With You
8. No One’s Fool
9. The ‘In’ Crowd
10. Torpedo Of Love
11. I Don’t Know Why
12. Funk Latino
13. Tree Of Life