The Queen's Carnival (CD)

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Featuring "The Queen's Carnival" and 8 other originals plus our version of The Kinks' "You Really Got Me" ft. Lucy Woodward. Incredible reviews!


Robert's father played the trumpet and loved Latin music. His dad always kept the Latin stations on the radio when they were in the car. So Robert grew up in NYC infused with Latin beats and rhythms. When Robert re-formed PGS in 2015 many of the new players he added were Latin, so it was a no-brainer that Robert would begin to move the band into this genre. The song he wrote, "The Queen's Carnival", is a joyous Latin whirlwind, made even better by the playing and authenticity of his band mates. This song solidified PGS's fusion of Jazz Rock and Latin! Just watch the Official Video and you'll get it in a second!


The Queen's Carnival album is a massive accomplishment for the band. 10 new, smashing original songs by Robert, plus another of his signature reimagined versions of an iconic Classic/British rock song, this time The Kinks' "You Really Got Me". PGS's version even got Dave Davies of The Kinks to give it two thumbs up! Check out the Official Video featuring the terrific Lucy Woodward.


Beyond Forever
The Rescue
You Really Got Me (Feat. Lucy Woodward)
The Queen's Carnival
New Folk Song
It's The Beat
Slap Shot
Lucky Seven
You Really Got Me (Inst)
Lullaby For Julesy
"A uniquely affecting work…impossibly memorable!”
“An inspired album…a work of ensemble genius!”